Video for Each Stage of the Purchase Funnel Part 2: Familiarity Phase

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Each and every day, your target market is influenced by an endless array of what marketers refer to as touch-points. Touch-points come in the form of billboards, articles, word-of-mouth, broadcast advertisements, product placement within their favorite shows, a plethora of other marketing tactics and, more often than not, online activities.

In today’s fast-paced, highly digitized world, individuals have found they can satisfy their need for information and their need for entertainment simultaneously. Thus, globally, most time online is spent watching videos. It only makes sense that businesses use this knowledge as a basis for their video marketing strategies to guide viewers through the 5 stages of the purchase funnel.

Last week, I discussed the messages and types of videos that should be used for the awareness phase. In that first level of the purchase funnel, individuals might not even be cognizant of their need for a product or service like yours and it is the video’s purpose to trigger purchase intent and move them down the funnel and into the second chapter of their journey.

In the familiarity phase, the potential customer has definitely realized their need and starts comparing brands. They research attributes, collect opinions and reviews, and start to make a short list of brand offerings that could fulfill said need.

Video purposed to influence in the preliminary stages of the decision-making process should entice individuals to seek additional information. At this stage, it’s essential to address the sweet spot ー that intersection between the target’s needs and an organization’s offering. Only businesses that effectively showcase their unique ability to alleviate their prospective client’s pain points will move into the next phase. Marketers call this the Unique Value Proposition or UVP.

While it is still best to avoid heavily branded content, the goal of the content should be to drive people to the website for a deeper brand experience. Video types typically used for the familiarity stage are as follows:

  • Online Promo
  • TV Spots
  • Web Series
  • Product Launch
  • Reminder
  • Social
  • Tradeshow

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