Video For Each Stage of the Purchase Funnel Part 4: Purchase Phase

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While the purchase phase may not be the most crucial point to reach a business or consumer when looking at the buying process as a whole, it is the point that provides the most easily measured ROI. Results given in monetary value make business leader’s hearts flutter whereas views, shares, and click-through rates often lead to yawns and ho-hums. Still, I warn against focusing the vast majority of video marketing efforts in this area. It is a very small part of a very large decision-making process and companies that spend their entire video marketing budget in this phase may never see a payoff, because they won’t likely make it past the preliminary phases.

While only a small percentage of the overall video marketing portfolio should be focused on the purchase phase, it shouldn’t be forgone altogether either. By the time a prospective client has made it to the purchase phase, they have usually narrowed down their search to just a few brands, and they have collected the information they need to make a decision but still need to feel comfortable before committing. Most are at the tipping point and just need a little nudge in the right direction.

For brands, this means encouragement is the goal. Video should create a sense of urgency around the purchase but should do so in a way that instills confidence in the prospective client. There is a fine line between reassuring and pushiness. Brands should use video to help the prospects envision what life would be like with the product or service in question, and it should compel them to take action in that moment.

A very important element of purchase needs to be considered before making video to accompany prospects in this phase of purchase journey. That is, in what type of environment are they taking this metaphorical purchase plunge? Online is much different than in a face-to-face and the two situations may require different video content. For instance, a product demonstration with detailed visuals could work well in both locations, but a heartfelt testimonial might only make sense in its entirety with full audio, something that could get missed at a retail location.

The following videos, when coupled with a compelling CTA work well in converting browsers to buyers:

  • Testimonials
  • How-to
  • Demonstrations
  • Direct Response
  • Virtual Salesperson
  • POS
  • Retail
  • Incentive
  • The Ask

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