Video For Each Stage of the Purchase Funnel Part 5: Loyalty Phase

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Loyalty pphase

In part 4, we discussed video types that are effective in turning browsers into buyers. It is a critical moment in time and one that’s the purpose of every business’s existence –when the purchase comes to fruition. Once you’ve snagged them, don’t celebrate for too long. If you want to keep them as a customer and maximize your ROI and lifetime value of that customer, your work isn’t over. The video marketing journey can’t end once they make it through the checkout.

Once you have them in the box, you need to keep them there. This isn’t an easy task, as people are continuously changing their minds and trying new things. Their preliminary need is often only temporarily satisfied and they will likely make many more journeys through the purchase funnel. However, if you play your video marketing cards right, they can skip the first several phases and re-enter the funnel at consideration.

Think of it more like a percolator at this point, the customer will keep rising up, but when they drip back down through the funnel again their loyalty will be stronger and they’ll be energized to tell friends and families about your offering, write online reviews and become your greatest ambassador.

Another benefit of the expansion of digital communications is the easy exchange of information. Customers have boundless social influence and if they have a good experience, they may become your most profitable marketing tool. Of course, they can also negatively influence potential transactions, which means customer satisfaction imperative to effective marketing.

Once customers have passed the purchase point, they will quickly form opinions about the product, service and brand. Using video marketing for the loyalty phase has the capabilities of ensuring they are content in their purchase decision, maintaining top-of-the-mind awareness and increasing the likelihood of repurchase intention. Organizations that consider the loyalty phase to be vital when designing their marketing strategy will have the upper hand over the competition in the long run.

More often than not, though, many companies make the mistake of ending their rich media journey after purchase. In the loyalty phase, organizations need to create reassurance around their customer’s purchase decision and strive for higher satisfaction rates. They can do so through the use of the following video types.

  • New Uses
  • How-to
  • Best Practices
  • Web Series
  • Event

Video Insights

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