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Video Trends in 2018

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video trends 2018

If video trends in 2018 are going to teach us anything, it’s that things need to be faster, smaller, and tailored to the right audience. Faster Load Times With the rise of mobile users, the demand for a fast page load is increasing. Pages with embedded videos can sometimes take a while to come up. … Continued

Producing YouTube Videos like a Pro

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producing youtube videos

When it comes to producing YouTube videos, it might feel like you have to have an entire crew behind you. If you’re a one-person shop or a small operation, YouTube viewers are more likely to let you grow as a content creator. But, when you’re a medium to large business, there are higher expectations for … Continued

2018 Video Keyword Best Practices

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2018 video keyword best practices

As we ring in a new year, it’s time to check out the 2018 video keyword best practices. The landscape for organic video discovery continues to evolve. More content is generated each and every day. There are more ways to find that content. When you set up your video keywords for 2018, here are some … Continued

The YouTube brand refresh

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youtube brand refresh

The world’s second-largest search engine got a new logo in 2017. Not only is YouTube a giant search engine, but also it’s the second most-popular website in the world. The YouTube brand refresh has been a long time coming. Having started in 2005 and bought out by Google in 2006, YouTube hadn’t changed its logo … Continued

Thanksgiving 2017 – Thank you from us to you

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We got animated this Thanksgiving because we are so grateful for you. Turkey: There’s really nothing more rewarding than figuring out what’s most important to you and your organization. You know, the thing that everything else centers around. You might say your main course and then giving it voice. We’re so grateful you come to … Continued

Director Mix Makes Ad Testing Easier

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director mix YouTube

Creating quality video content is the challenge of every business. Technology allows market segments to be broken into atom-sized pieces. Even large corporations struggle to create content that speaks to these multiple audiences. Knowing this, YouTube now offers Director Mix. Director Mix helps businesses create different versions of the same creative. By tailoring the content based … Continued

Why Some YouTubers Can’t Link to an Associated Website

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link to an associated website

Not too long ago, YouTube completely changed its layout. The new look and feel make the site feel more modernized and streamlined. However, after the YouTube updates, some users could no longer link to an associated website via cards or end screens. What happened? Keep reading to find out. How Do I Get the Link … Continued

Watch Is NOT the Death Knell of YouTube

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death knell of youtube

When any upstart challenger enters into an established space, the old guard is put on alert. Rumors and whispers begin about the downfall of the old and the inevitable rising of the new. With the announcement of Facebook’s Watch, many were quick to trumpet the death knell of YouTube. It is fascinating to watch Mark … Continued

Facebook Watch – What it means for content creators

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facebook watch

Last week, Facebook announced Facebook Watch. Everything Mark Zuckerberg hinted at for the past year – from making Facebook a mobile-first to a video-first platform – has come true. With 6 out of 10 users preferring online viewing to traditional TV, it’s no surprise that Facebook wanted in on the video game. Although the video tab has … Continued

How to Make Ads on YouTube – Tech 411

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how to make ads on YouTube

When you need to know how to make ads on YouTube, it’s important to keep the technical side of things in mind. As with all Google advertising, quality is important. What do I mean by quality? As I’ve emphasized before, one of our core values is to envision the goal before we roll. The better … Continued

Facebook Cover Video – What to Know

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Facebook cover video

A curious thing happened when I logged into Facebook last week. There was a new option – a Facebook cover video. The Facebook cover video is an additional option. Rather than a static image, you have 20 to 90 seconds to capture visitors’ attention. With this new feature being rolled out, here are three things … Continued

Why invest in a video marketing plan

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video marketing plan

One of the more common questions I get asked is, “Why invest in a video marketing plan?” In part, it’s because in order to live out the Funnelbox core value of “envision the goal before you roll,” having a plan and strategy are key elements to success. Here are a few reasons why you should … Continued

Google Marketing Next 2017 Keynote Highlights

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google marketing next 2017 keynote

The Google Marketing Next 2017 keynote confirmed a lot of trends we’ve noticed in advertising. Namely, that Google continues to build upon the mobile-first motto it outlined during the 2016 keynote. Without further ado, here are some of the key takeaways from the event. Big Picture Takeaways • You have one step or one second … Continued

Biggest Problems Producers Face: How to Conquer Them

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biggest problems producers face

Instead of focusing on strategy this week, I want to talk about some of the biggest problems producers face and how to conquer them. It’s a bit of a nod to how things got started here at Funnelbox. While these examples aren’t meant to be exhaustive, they are a good place to start when creating … Continued

Pinterest Promoted Video – Four Things Brands Need to Know

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pinterest promoted video

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about Pinterest Promoted Video. There are a lot of great ways to connect to your customers via Pinterest Promoted Video. I’m going to share four things you need to keep in mind so your content stands out. Make sure your content inspires, tells a story, focuses on quality … Continued

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