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You’ve created a beautiful video and proudly placed it on your social media channels. Congrats! Wait, no one is watching it? No one is liking it? Not even your own mother? Oh dear. I’ve got some video marketing advice to help make your video go from “Oh” to “Oh yeah!”

Next Click

For each video that you produce, think about a “next click” strategy framework.  In its simplest form, the “next click” framework is simply acknowledging that you will want a viewer to actually do something after watching a video. If it’s to drive a viewer to a landing page, the strategy and tactics behind the production and distribution of that video will be different than driving a viewer to watch another video in a playlist, or have them engage on a social media channel. By using a next click framework and planning process, you will be able to proactively think through the right steps to not only ensure efficiency in the production process, but also to generate significant business and marketing results once the projects and campaigns are complete.

Testing 1. 2. 3.

We also recommend testing your video content whenever possible. We find that a lot of organizations think of a video production as simply an event that, once complete, is never to be touched again. This is a mistake. If an organization is going to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on a production, it is vitally important that the video actually communicates a message. This message should be UNDERSTOOD by the viewing audience in the way that you want it to be understood. (It doesn’t matter what you say, only what is “understood.”) The ONLY way to ensure this happens is to test the video once it’s complete. For some productions, you might only have time or budget for a quick and simple survey, while for others, it might be a more prolonged process of testing and editing until the results of the test confirm that the audience truly understands what it is that the video is attempting to communicate.

Distribution Strategy

We’ve found that distribution effectiveness is every bit as important as the video production. If you aren’t spending almost as much time on the distribution strategy and planning as you are on the video production itself, you are severely handicapping the ROI on each and every video you produce. If you are already investing the time to ensure distribution effectiveness, then this will be a redundant thought. However, if you aren’t currently investing in this critically important aspect of a video strategy, it’s an easy step to help improve your results.

What do you want to have happen after people see your video? Not sure? Drop us a line so we can help out with even more video marketing advice.

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