video trends 2018

Video Trends in 2018

If video trends in 2018 are going to teach us anything, it’s that things need to be faster, smaller, and tailored to the right audience.

Faster Load Times

With the rise of mobile users, the demand for a fast page load is increasing. Pages with embedded videos can sometimes take a while to come up. When a page takes longer than five seconds to appear, many mobile users will bounce rather than refresh or wait to show. The good news is that Google AMP (which stands for Accelerated Mobile Page Project) has HTML code that helps make pages mobile friendly. For those using third-party services, many offer an AMP version of blog pages.

Possible Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission’s decision to eliminate net neutrality means that video-heavy sites will be among the first service providers to notice. This means that videos will need to play well on multiple quality levels.

More Places Competing for More Attention

As more and more people turn to video first, so too are more and more platforms emerging. In particular, Facebook’s recent foray into video means more places will get in on the action. One of the big video trends in 2018 is going to be having to consider cross-platform conversions and cross-device advertisements.

More Emphasis on Quality and Trustworthy Content

Many advertisers have been stung by having their videos appear on content that does not align well with their brand. In what was dubbed as the “Advertiser Exodus,” many companies want more say over where their content goes online. The desire for quality and trustworthy content is one of the biggest video trends in 2018.

Wrap Up on Video Trends in 2018

Whatever the video trends in 2018 bring, know that we’re here to ensure you have an amazing video that works well across all platforms. Feel free to drop us a line to get the conversation started.