How Facebook Has Changed Branded Content

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As we all know, Facebook is a juggernaut when it comes to sharing video content. Facebook users currently consume over 1 billion videos daily, and new analytics have shown that 65% of those users watch videos on Facebook via mobile devices. That shift indicates the trend toward consuming not only all content, but also specifically video content, from a smartphone or tablet. The future that content marketers have been predicting is here and it’s only continuing to grow exponentially. So what does this mean for your branded video content? It means your brand gains access to a whole lotta eyeballs and more.

Why View Counts Are Important to Facebook’s Media Partners (and Your Brand)

Partnerships are important in business. Facebook has pioneered partnering with a multitude of media companies including Parkwood Entertainment, owned by Beyoncé. As with any partnership, there must be some results to show that the partnership is worth exploring and/or continuing.

Facebook now includes view counts a feature that YouTube has had since forever, but those analytics are proving the viability of video marketing campaigns on Facebook and has wooed major networks like NBC, Discovery and Showtime to launch significant ad campaigns on Facebook, which is seen as the perfect platform to engage audiences with short videos.

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short ‘n Sweet)

Even head-honcho Mark Zuckerberg has expressed the importance of short videos on Facebook, which tend to go viral more often, particularly if the content is engaging and valuable to viewers. Short video content is easily digested by viewers, which makes it easier for videos to go viral.

A great example is Shakira’s thank you to fans after she became the most popular figure on Facebook (100 million fans!), which garnered over 160,000 likes in less than an hour. Your branded videos can benefit from short videos that can get your brand message out there quickly (and hopefully virally).

Upward Mobility

Mobile users are of course what is increasingly driving the Facebook video phenomenon. Out of the one-billion-plus daily users, 65% of that traffic comes from mobile. Facebook’s mobile video platform continues to evolve to make it even easier for audience to engage with and share their favorite videos.

It is the one demographic that cannot be ignored by brands. What Facebook does next with mobile video is sure to set the bar for others to follow in the future. It’s an opportunity for your branded content to reach 650 million mobile Facebook users every day.

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