Where to Share Video – 25 Places to Start

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The importance of sharing was probably instilled in you at a very young age. When your vocabulary consisted of a mere five or six words adults would say, “share your toys.” At school you were encouraged to, “bring something to share” on birthdays or to show-and-tell. In relationships, you are expected to “share your feelings.”

In the age of digital marketing, though, sharing has taken on an entirely new meaning. It is the goal of many marketers and a measurement of success for many campaigns. Content marketers are not just tasked with creating content, but sharable content.

Furthermore, search engines like Google and YouTube see the total shares a piece of content has gotten as a sign of relevance and quality, which means, if your content isn’t getting shared, no amount of keywording will send you on the fast track to the top of the SERPs.

That said, individuals will never share your video if they haven’t found it in the first place. So, if you want them to share video with others, you need to develop a distribution plan to determine where to share your video in the first place. We suggest a minimum of sharing your video to 50 different people and places. I know, sounds like a lot, but we’ll get you started with a list of 25 places so you can share your video with the whole world.


25 Places to Share Video

    1. Email campaigns
    2. Google+
    3. Specific Twitter influencers
    4. News outlets
    5. Staff email signatures
    6. SlideShare
    7. Facebook
    8. Instagram
    9. Twitter
    10. YouTube
    11. Pinterest
    12. Vimeo
    13. Your business blog
    14. Guest blogs
    15. LinkedIn
    16. LinkedIn Groups
    17. Facebook Groups
    18. Upworthy
    19. reddit
    20. Collaborator’s channels
    21. YouTube TrueView
    22. AdWords
    23. Yashi
    24. Paid advertising on Facebook
    25. Paid advertising on LinkedIn

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