Why Production Value Matters

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Why Production Value Matters


Transcript: Why Production Value Matters

“You only get one chance to make a first impression…” Remember that?! It’s a simple truth, but worth heeding when considering  your video content, and what exactly you want it to say about you. and I’m not just talking about the script. It doesn’t take technical production chops to get a feeling about a video based on very technical things. A viewer probably doesn’t know why they feel a certain way about you or your company, but trust me, it’s often in the details. Details that CAN be controlled for your benefit. it shouldn’t be a crap shoot. For example, image quality, or pixel density.4k footage is quite lovely. but as you go down through HD, and then to standard definition, the value of a high-quality camera becomes clear. Perhaps even more critical, though something more often overlooked: audio. There’s nothing worse than a message diluted by terrible EQing, buzzing and hissing, or even worse, separating the subject from the voice with a cavernous echoey divide. There are dozens of other considerations, from lighting, to composition, to color correction, to the eye line an actor holdswiththe camera, all of which impact whether or not  your message comes across  clearly, professionally, and without distraction. So when Patrick from accounting offers to make your video himself with his awesome new camcorder… just remember this me… AND this me… And tell Patrick to bring his camera to set to shoot the behind the scenes footage. Your video will likely impact your relationship to potential customers for years to come. Be pound wise. Make it pretty for em. they may not know why they feel so compelled to love you. but they’ll love you just the same.

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