youtube brand refresh

The YouTube brand refresh

The world’s second-largest search engine got a new logo in 2017. Not only is YouTube a giant search engine, but also it’s the second most-popular website in the world. The YouTube brand refresh has been a long time coming.

Having started in 2005 and bought out by Google in 2006, YouTube hadn’t changed its logo in a long time. The old logo emphasized the word “tube,” an antiquated term for televisions when they ran on vacuum tubes. That definitely didn’t match the way people used the platform.

Why was there a YouTube brand refresh?

People have gone from distinguishing between online and offline to seeing the world as non-line. So too do people switch around and watch multiple screens. For many, watching on a phone is as entertaining as watching a large television. Additionally, the proliferation of wifi-enabled devices means people watch all sorts of streaming platforms like a traditional broadcast.

What is the result of the YouTube brand refresh?

The beautiful thing about the YouTube brand refresh is that the end result feels natural. When you look at the new logo, it feels like that was always the logo. By focusing on the red color and play icon, YouTube was able to polish the brand.

The result is a design that feels Web 2.0. The logo unifies mobile and desktop experiences. Most importantly, the designers took the most important elements of the brand – the play button and the color red.

Also of note is how the logo redesign has helped unify the multiple offshoots of YouTube’s brand.

Wrap up on the YouTube brand refresh

After 12 years, it’s about time that YouTube shook off its early incarnation. Along with the brand refresh, a lot of the site for mobile and desktop has been redesigned. This has caused a few changes, such as needing an AdSense account to be able to link to an associated website. Even though it’s not as easy for new YouTube channels to shift viewers to another website, viewers and streamers are now enjoy a refreshed brand logo.

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