youtube for business

Easier Now Than Ever to Have YouTube for Business

It’s never been easier to use YouTube for business. With a fifty percent increase in watch time year over year, YouTube isn’t slowing down. Don’t get left behind! Keep in mind that fewer than ten percent of US small businesses use YouTube.

To help folks get started, YouTube has introduced a new iPhone app called YouTube Director. This suite of products will soon be available for Android. Let’s dive into three things that make this offering amazing.

It Integrates Video

While I’ve already talked about the pros and cons of DIY video production, the nice thing about YouTube Director is that it makes it simple to shoot and edit a video on your phone. This option is great for small business owners who are hands on and willing to roll up their sleeves. It’s also a good way for small businesses who aren’t quite ready for a larger video marketing campaign.

Onsite Video Producers

In select cities, YouTube is offering to send a professional filmmaker to shoot and edit your video if you have a MINIMUM AD SPEND WITH YOUTUBE. Clearly YouTube wants to get more businesses to invest in advertising on the platform. This means it’s a good time to get started.

My concern about the free filmmaker and editing is that it appears to be valid for a single video. A robust video marketing campaign is more than one ad. Best practices would be to produce weekly (and ideally biweekly) content. As I’ve had no firsthand interactions with the onsite option, I can’t speak to how it works in the long term. However, it’s a great thing to try out for those of you in cities served by this option.

Video-First Marketing

This year, Google was all about being mobile first. I argue the digital future needs to be video first. With more and more social media sites offering video, you have to think about your brand with video front and center. YouTube offering a suite to help folks create video is a strong statement that all businesses need to think about video when it comes to their digital marketing strategy.

Wrap Up on YouTube for Business

YouTube clearly wants business from small companies. They’re making it easy to take, share and create content and ads for businesses. If you’re ready to kickoff your YouTube for business strategy, let’s chat.