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YouTube live

What is YouTube Live?

YouTube Live is a real-time streaming service from the world’s largest video platform. Introduced in 2008 before its official launch in 2011, YouTube Live allows anyone who is verified and in good standing (more on that below) to stream a video on their channel. Businesses can take advantage of the built-in audience that comes with set view times and use live-streamed content to increase subscribers and build customer relationships.

Why YouTube Live?

YouTube Live lets you stream content without having to pull out your hair. The service handles all the headaches for you. The program detects resolution and frame rate, so you don’t have to worry about what your viewers are seeing. There is little to no latency (aka lag), which means viewers will not miss a beat.

The best part about YouTube Live is you can interact with your subscribers. From behind the scenes footage to Q-and-A sessions, you create a better connection and boost engagement!

You can live stream up to twelve hours. The recording will be available in the Video Manager. (You will only be able to edit three hours of footage.) However, it is a best practice to always download and keep your own copy.

YouTube Live offers viewers the chance to ask any and all questions their curious minds may have. This establishes a firm relationship between your viewer and your company. Also, your business might find valuable insights from your customers.

How to Stream Live on YouTube

YouTube’s only requirements for live streaming are to make sure your account is verified and in “good standing”:

According to YouTube, one is in “good standing” if they have:

  • No Community Guidelines strikes
  • No copyright strikes
  • No more than one video blocked worldwide by Content ID

Once these requirements are fulfilled, enable the live option for your channel and then head to Creator Studio to enable the live streaming option and you are on your way to a beautiful, strong and healthy relationship with your consumers.

Whether you want your subscribers to see your presentation at a conference or your booth at a trade show, YouTube Live lets you stream and later upload the broadcast to your channel. Live events help your subscribers have a value-add proposition so they want to return to your page and interact with your company.

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