YouTube Music Licensing – Make Sure Your Audio is Covered

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Music – that one element of video we often don’t think about right away. But, when you think of YouTube, you often think of music. It’s the site where music videos went after networks became more and more about reality television and less and less about videos.

But YouTube music isn’t just about the artists – it’s also about YouTube’s sophisticated algorithm that can determine if the music in the background of a video has been licensed or not. Yes, that’s right. YouTube can tell when you’re using licensed music or not.

What Happens if I Don’t License the Music in My Video?

One of two things can happen.

  1. YouTube pulls your video for copyright infringement.
  2. YouTube lets you keep your video up, but you aren’t allowed to monetize it. Additionally, the copyright holder of the song will be given the royalties generated by the video.

What if I Don’t Want to Pay to License Music?

The good news is that YouTube has a library of free music you can use for your video. Also, if you’ve ever licensed music for commercial use, then it’s fairly easy to also license music for use on YouTube. You can purchase the license from YouTube or from another reputable music licensing agency.

Why Do the Parody and Lip Synching YouTube Music Videos Stay Up?

Well, like I covered last week, there’s fair use when it comes to copyrighted works – even songs. A lot of times, these videos are considered fair use of the copyrighted material, particularly if they do not cause harm to the original copyright holder’s work.

Wrap Up

Music is an important part of the emotional impact a video can have. It’s important to keep in mind that you have to play by the copyright rules. YouTube (and a judge) will be more lenient for an Everyday Joe or Everyday Jane uploading a lip synching video than a company attempting to monetize unlicensed content. So, play by the rules and get your YouTube music license in order.

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