YouTube Optimization & YouTube Strategy


YouTube optimization is portraying your channel in the best light possible. By ensuring your channel fits within best practices, we help enhance your channel’s YouTube Authority. The more YouTube Authority your content has, the more likely it is to show up higher in organic searches.



YouTube Optimization Package

By implementing consistent branding across all your video assets on YouTube, viewers learn to recognize and trust your content. This in turn improves your YouTube Authority. To get you started or to continue your YouTube channel journey, we offer the following YouTube Optimization services:

> Titling
> Keywords (channel & video)
> Thumbnail strategy
> Descriptions
> Playlists
> Website association
> Channel art
> Watermark
> Channel Trailer
> Interactive Cards
> Linking social media


YouTube Strategy

Determine your KPIs. Views, clicks, sales, lead generation – all of this can be achieved through our YouTube-tailored digital strategy. We look at where your channel ranks compared to your nearest competitors. Less than 10 percent of businesses have a YouTube presence.


We work alongside our clients as partners. If you already have an internal team or an external partner, we’re happy to provide consultation to ensure your social video plan fits within your larger marketing objectives. To that end, we provide consultation on:e.

> How to create a custom thumbnail template.
> How to design, create, and program custom interactive cards for new and existing video assets with strategic CTA messaging and proper links.
> Consult on best practices on editing and optimizing close captions.


What’s included with YouTube channel optimization?

The first step in starting or enhancing your channel’s YouTube Authority is optimizing the content from keywords to custom thumbnail. This is what we offer to optimize a YouTube channel from the ground up:

> Create and customize YouTube channel
> Research and optimize channel keywords and meta tags based on search intent
> Develop body copy
> Associate channel to specific landing pages, as appropriate
> Create custom channel name
> Design and implement a custom channel banner
> Create a branding watermark with a “subscribe” button to help build subscriber base and YouTube authority
> Research and optimize channel keywords (based on search intent) to maximize conversion from YouTube viewers to qualified leads
> Add and optimize keywords in the body copy and CTA links in the “About” section
> Associate website and verify channel in YouTube
> Rank and organize channel sections to optimize views and subscriptions



Video Optimization

One major ranking factor in YouTube Authority is the discoverability of your videos. We also ensure your video assets meet best practices. When we optimize videos on YouTube, we do the following:

> Identify and optimize individual video keywords based on search intent.
> Develop and implement a proper “Nesting Title” strategy for initial and ALL future videos.
> Optimize individual video descriptions with keyword rich body copy and proper CTA links to drive leads to your chosen website or landing page.
> Research and analyze search intent and optimize video tags (15-20).
> Research and implement region specific tags as appropriate, check for relevance.
> Sort and place ALL videos in appropriate playlists.
> Design and implement UTM URL tracking for ROI measurement and optimization.
> Ensure proper conversion tracking is set up in Google Analytics or other web analytics tool.