YouTube Playlists for business

YouTube Playlists for Business

One of the most important initial steps you can take with your YouTube channel is to own the right-hand real estate, more commonly known as your YouTube Playlists.

YouTube Playlists are like a Monopoly board – the more properties (videos) you own, the fewer opportunities your competitors have to appear in the search results and related videos spaces. You want every viewer’s eyes on you and your brand. YouTube Playlists help organize content and related ideas. They also make it easy on your viewer because they won’t have to input another search query or click away.

It’s not enough to use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic to a single video – you enhance your YouTube authority and organic search results by having those viewers watch your videos all the way through and by having them spend more overall time on your channel. YouTube Playlists are a great way to keep those viewers engaged beyond the initial video that brought them there.

There are three keys to owning the right-hand real estate: keep your videos short and sweet, use keywords to your advantage, and organize your content to maintain viewer interest and engagement.


Short and Sweet

The reality of our on-demand society is that viewers don’t tolerate videos straying from the topic promised in the title. YouTube gives viewers much more control over what they see, so it’s critical to ensure you are providing content that is relevant to them – from beginning to end.  It’s better to have three or four short videos than one long one. This is often referred to as snackable content, and who doesn’t love a good snack?

The more concise your message is, the more likely viewers are to stick with it from start to finish, increasing your organic search results. Viewers are less likely to click away from a video that engages with them and keeps them interested from start to finish, but even more so if that video is relatively short.


Use Keywords to Your Advantage

YouTube is the second-largest search engine – people flock to the platform to find content, but content must be relevant to them. By using keywords and thinking of how people actually search for your content-specific area of expertise, you boost the chances that people will both find your videos and watch them to the end.

YouTube rewards content creators who keep their viewers engaged for longer, so misleading titles and keywords (commonly known as clickbait) are not in your best interest. Think of how a new customer might come to you. Is it because of a “how to” or an “about us”? What ideas and subjects drive people to your channel now? How would someone ask a question that relates to your content? Answering these questions will help you unlock those keywords and the correct keywords help drive viewers to your channel.

Once you’ve got the viewers on your channel, you want to keep them there by grouping content together or by creating a series that in snackable segments, which is why YouTube Playlists are critical to your channel’s success.

Why? Well, as the viewer continues to watch your content, it increases your organic search ranking. Bonus points – the more videos you have (and the more snackable they are), the more opportunities your viewers have to watch, continuing to boost your rankings within search results.

Let your viewers know exactly what you offer by crafting your keywords, then keep them on your channel by curating YouTube Playlists. More videos and Playlists will enhance your viewers’ perception of you as an authority in your subject-matter area, because the videos in your Playlist dominate the right-hand “up next” area. Keeping your competitors out of those organic search results will keep your viewers’ eyes locked on your content and your brand’s authority.


Organize Your Content to Engage More Viewers for Longer

It’s tempting to take every video you have and shove them all on a single Playlist. But you want to think of your Playlist like a TV channel. It would be odd to find a football game on a travel or food channel, right? The same goes for the content you’re bringing together.

It’s better to re-engineer your existing videos (particularly if those videos are longer) to create a Playlist rather than shove a bunch of unrelated videos together. You can always have multiple YouTube Playlists.

When the content in a playlist works together, it engages viewers for longer, encourages those viewers to watch from start to finish, and increases your YouTube authority. As a result, your channel will rise with respect to organic search results. When your competitors don’t own the right-hand real estate, it brings your videos up as related content when a video finishes. Making a Playlist is like owning all the properties on one side of a Monopoly board. It’s an easy way to have viewers consume your content and ignore everyone else’s.


In order to optimize your YouTube channel, you have to own the right-hand side of the screen. Playlists are an easy way to dominate that digital real estate, keep viewers focused on you and your messaging, and to increase your YouTube authority within organic search results. Keep your competitors out of your digital space by creating short and sweet videos with relevant keywords that keep your viewers’ eyes on your brand’s messaging.

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