Why YouTube Quality Matters With Video

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Nothing gets under your skin more than seeing some 30-second, grainy, shaky video getting millions of views. You might be ready to throw your hands up in the air and set up a 24-hour surveillance system to capture the antics of your kids and pets. Let me assure you that the expectations are different between an Everyday Joe/Jane and a company when it comes to YouTube quality.

YouTube Quality Matters

The reality is the viewer has different expectations when it comes to Everyday Joe/Jane and your brand. They’ll forgive amateurs their shaking, grainy images. Rarely will viewers accept Blair Witch-quality from a company. At worst, a lower quality video makes your company look cash-strapped. That doesn’t build confidence in your brand.

Besides, it’s important to film the best quality you can. Why? Because you can’t make something high definition that wasn’t first filmed in high definition. You can’t actually turn the dial to 11 if there’s no 11. Hate to break it to you.

YouTube Recommendations

YouTube automatically adjusts to give the viewer the best experience, even if that means lowering the streaming quality. However, that isn’t an excuse to upload poor quality video.

Even though the streaming quality depends on the viewer’s internet connection, YouTube will automatically ramp the quality up and down to give the most seamless experience. While the image can be in standard definition (240p or 360p) or high definition (720p or 1080p), the viewer experience is enhanced when the original video is in high definition. You can’t go up from standard to high definition if no high definition exists.

Wrap Up

Whether your viewer finds you on their mobile device or living-room-sized TV, you want to give them the best experience by filming your content well the first time.

Don’t forget – people are willing to forgive amateurs for iffy, if not funny, videos. But, they won’t forgive a brand for poor YouTube quality content. Besides, if you want a good return on investment for your video marketing plan, it’s better to do it right from the start.

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