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Why Some YouTubers Can’t Link to an Associated Website

Not too long ago, YouTube completely changed its layout. The new look and feel make the site feel more modernized and streamlined. However, after the YouTube updates, some users could no longer link to an associated website via cards or end screens. What happened? Keep reading to find out.

How Do I Get the Link to an Associated Website with Cards or End Screens to Work?

Never fear. According to this Google forum post, YouTube now requires an additional verification step. According to one community manager, “This new requirement gives [YouTube] additional information to determine the validity of a channel.” This additional verification allows YouTube “to confirm if a channel is following [YouTube’s] community guidelines and advertiser policies.”

Some clients worry that enabling monetization will instantly turn on ads. This is not the case. You will be able to choose which (if any) videos to monetize.

The good news if that all existing card and end screens with links to an associated website will remain. Thus, you will only run into trouble with older cards and end screens if you try to make changes to those elements.

Therefore, you will not only will you have to link an associated website, but you also will have a linked AdSense account. However, even with an AdSense account, your channel will need 10,000 views in order for YouTube to review and approve monetization.

Don’t worry! You’ll still be able to link to outside sources within the description. (Which now looks like the first comment on a video.)

How Do I Know if My Channel is Monetized?

To see if your channel is monetized or to start the monetization process, log in to your YouTube channel and go to Creator Studio. Then, click Channel. Once that is open, select Status and Features. There, you’ll see an option for Monetization.

This new AdSense verification requirement shouldn’t be a problem for established channels. For newer channels, this presents a challenge. First of all, it is no longer a matter for brands to set up a channel. The ability to link to associated websites hasn’t been taken away completely. Not yet, anyways.

New channels should strongly consider using paid media to boost their initial views. Spending a little bit of money will get new channels over that 10,000 view hurdle and get you to using YouTube to generate sales leads and inquiries.

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