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Over the past several years, Funnelbox has shifted from focusing solely on video production to providing a holistic agency solution. We hate to see good video go unwatched. We now focus on how to market video. We still produce amazing videos for our clients. However, social video is here to stay.

In fact, some of our clients say we’re a YouTube video agency. While YouTube is one of our main focuses, we also work with clients to ensure their video shines on whatever platform fits their marketing mix.

So, how does this “YouTube video agency” help our clients find success with digital marketing? We live our core value of envisioning the goal before we roll. With that in mind, here are three things we consider when working on a video for social media.

Plan and Purpose

I keep returning to the idea of plan and purpose. One of the major differences between “just a production studio” and a video marketing agency is this: we care about what happens to the video after we make it. By asking what the plan for the video is (Brand awareness? Purchase intent?), we can help craft the shape of the narrative. An ad without a story or point is, well, boring.

Data-Driven Adjustments

Once a video goes live, we look at the metrics behind its performance. Where does the paid audience drop off? Where does the organic audience? Does the video perform better for the paid audience or organic audience. We use our intuition, but we back that intuition up with data. We adjust future ads or cutdowns based on facts, not feelings.

Each Platform Has Different Behaviors

People come to YouTube to watch videos. People go to Facebook to share with friends and family. People go to Twitter to have wider conversations. Instagram is about visual interest and brand storytelling.

The different purposes of the platform drives how people interact with video content on each one. That’s not to say one video can’t shine across all the platforms. However, you have to take into account the different expectations of the different audiences. Tailored content is the future. You can’t expect the same hashtags to always trend together on Twitter and Facebook. Be selective. Do your research.

Wrap Up on YouTube Video Agency Insights

One thing we do as a “YouTube video agency” is make sure our clients’ work shines across all platforms. We love YouTube for its analytics and wide reach. (In fact, it’s one of the top three social platforms for more enterprise-level businesses). But, we also know there has to be a plan and purpose for each video. From there, we make data-driven adjustments and make sure we speak to each platform’s audience.

With those thoughts, go forth and ROCK ON!

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