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YouTube video marketing. How does it all work? Ads on YouTube come in many forms. One of the most popular is the skippable TrueView ad format. These ads appear for five seconds before the viewer can opt-out of viewing the rest the video. Also known as pre-roll ads, these skippable video ads are a key component of YouTube video marketing.

Why Use YouTube?

With more than 1 billion users in more 70 countries, YouTube has an incredible reach. The TrueView format allows you to speak to the right person at the right time. As part of the Google Display Network, you can pinpoint and who your customers are and when they want to be reached.

When adults ages 18 – 44 would rather watch a video than read a website they found on Google, it’s important to have YouTube be a key piece of your video marketing strategy rather than an afterthought.

What Makes YouTube Video Marketing Work?

The power behind YouTube video marketing is the targeting methods. You can choose tried and true methods such as demographic groups, interests and video remarketing. Like traditional broadcast spots, you can target affinity audiences, which focus on people who already like what you’re selling.

You also can tap into the power of Google analytics by creating a custom affinity audience that is even more tailored. All of this is driven by data and interactions with your video. TrueView ads reveal how your ad is being watched. YouTube provides tutorials on the nitty gritty of how targeting ads on YouTube works.

Finding the Right Viewer

Along with learning how your ad is being watched, YouTube lets you learn who is watching and for how long. Plus, YouTube viewers are used to TrueView ads. Even better, you don’t pay unless the viewer watches the whole 30 seconds.

Also, when you consider the Google Display Network reaches more than 90 percent of internet users worldwide, YouTube’s TrueView format is a great way to expand your brand’s influence.

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