YouTube Channel Management & YouTube Advertising


YouTube channel management is a data- and strategy-driven process to find the right types of viewers, then driving those viewers to your preferred location, whether on YouTube or off to a different page.

Advertising management is actively monitoring and adjusting strategy based on data in order to speak to the right audience in the right location at the right time with the right budget to maximize return on video investment. There is a subtle, but important difference between AdWords and TrueView ads – our nearly two decades in video production gives us this video marketing edge. That’s why we specialize in the difference between these two Google Display Network formats.


How to Maximize Video ROI

One of our core values is to envision the goal before we roll. With that in mind, we optimize your YouTube channel to maximize your video’s return on investment by doing the following:

> Create a pre-production plan to maximizes production time to reduce need for re-shoots
> Create or re-engineer existing video assets to speak to the TrueView audience
> Craft a media buying strategy that maximizes underutilized keywords in your company’s field
> Market your video assets to the right audience at the right time
> Data-driven information on who is watching and for how long


What Makes YouTube Video Marketing Work?

The power behind YouTube video marketing is the power of video. Unlike text ads, video is a triple threat – sight, sound and motion work together to elicit emotion from viewers. When viewers feel a connection, they are moved to act.
Video marketing and the data we gather helps us target:

> Demographic groups
> Geo-location
> Specific interests
> Video remarketing (people who looked at you and didn’t buy)
> Affinity audiences (people who are searching for similar brands and products)
> Custom affinity audiences



What are TrueView Ads?

TrueView ads are video advertisements are shown on YouTube, Google partner video sites and mobile apps. There are two types: in-stream video ads and video discovery ads.



Why Invest in TrueView Ads?

YouTube averages 4.95 BILLION VIEWS a day. As the largest online video provider, YouTube has a wide reach, and so do the ads they show. There are two types of TrueView ads: In-Stream and Video Discovery.


What are In-Stream Ads?

IN-STREAM TrueView ads are the ads that play before, during or after a video on YouTube, partner video sites and mobile apps.

> They last from 12 seconds to three minutes
> You only pay when the viewer watches more than 30 seconds of the video or clicks on the ad
> Even if the viewer chooses to skip the ad, you get some top-of-mind awareness or increase your brand consideration


What are video discovery Ads?

TrueView video discovery ads are placed on the right, next to the video being played. They are at the top of the playlists and other recommended videos. Viewers will see the thumbnail along with three lines of text. This format:

> Gives the viewer the choice to watch your ads
> The ad’s video thumbnail can also appear under the search results, promoted videos, video suggestions and related videos
> You are only charged when the viewer clicks on the ad

Ready for the Next Step?

We help you find the right viewer. We make it easy for your video to get in front of the right audience. Whether you want to drive viewers to your website or increase the number of leads you generate, our YouTube advertising management and YouTube channel management leave you more time to focus on your business.