A content strategy with a positive impact on the planet

At Funnelbox, our team understands the dynamic role that a video content strategy can play for any brand.

And we love using it as a teaching tool to have a positive impact! Our partnership with GreenCars provided that very opportunity. We were excited to contribute to their larger content marketing strategy with storytelling that was both engaging and educational.

Working with trust-worthy, capable professionals who ‘do the right things, the right way’ is invaluable and something you’ll always get working with Funnelbox.

– Kevin Jennings, Senior Manager


GreenCars is a part of one of the largest automotive publicly-traded automotive retail groups – Lithia & Driveway. They connect customers directly to a nationwide inventory of vehicles. As part of their mission, they are interested in accelerating the adoption of sustainable vehicles. GreenCars is also a dedicated resource that provides free, easy access to information about more sustainable transportation options.

GreenCars logo

The Goal

When GreenCars came to us, they had a vision for 50+ educational videos to teach drivers and dealership staff everything there is to know about electric and hybrid vehicles. The “GreenCars 101” series could potentially make an EV expert out of anyone! Then, when drivers are ready to buy or lease a sustainable car, they can turn to GreenCars’ buyer’s guide, and ultimately connect with a Lithia & Driveaway store. A video content strategy!

GreenCars had already published a considerable library of 700+ articles about sustainable vehicles on their website. With video, they could go a step further and expand the reach of that content, and appeal to a wider variety of learning styles.

GreenCars had a large library of articles about sustainable vehicles on their website.
We developed a playlist of videos using the most popular articles from the website.

We’re really focused on continuing to grow the GreenCars brand both on and offline. and investing in video just really makes sense.

– Laurance Yap, Senior Manager & Contributor

The Challenge

We were excited to come up with a way to produce this series for GreenCars that would fit within their ambitious budget and timeline. With so many topics to cover in a relatively short time frame, we had to assemble a team of editors and animators who would work together within an optimized system. From design to production, the system had to be simple and repeatable, not only to keep the budget in check, but also for logistical ease and quality continuity.

Each two-minute video would explain one of a variety of topics about electric vehicles and how they work. As you might guess, some of these topics were quite technical and detailed. Our challenge was to present the information in a way that was engaging, easy to understand, and still detailed enough to provide useful knowledge for viewers.

Complex information was broken down into bite-sized pieces of explainer content.

Probably Funnelbox’s best skill it’s taking some of this very complicated involved technology and making it explainable in two minutes through the use of animation. I think it’s been fantastic.

– Laurance Yap, Senior Manager & Contributor


  • Clean and clear
  • Easy-to-digest, educational focus
  • Balance lifestyle, technical, and environmental visuals and voice
  • Positive and helpful
  • Fresh, green, and light
  • Innovative/forward-thinking
  • Organic flow + clean lines & edges
Lifestlye imagery
Text callouts & tips
Simple lists

The Approach

  • Minimal text on-screen
  • Simplified, clear diagrams or illustrations
  • Bite-size amounts of info
  • Ample white space
  • Organic shapes
  • Steady pacing of content with voiceover
  • Use of icons, photos, videos, and illustrations to keep it highly visual

The Results

We’re thrilled to share that our process and this video content strategy led to some impressive results for GreenCars that have not only supported their brand, but led to significant audience growth and contributed to a measurable increase in website traffic.

GreenCars YouTube subscribers catapult from 30 to over 1,600 in under 10 months

50 thousand

views and 1.1k hours of watch time

57 percent

of views come from videos embedded on

GreenCars expects their YouTube channel growth to continue as they roll out the entirety of the video series. It’s always great to see how powerful video can be for a brand’s big picture goals!

Brand in Motion

We’re proud of the work we’ve created in partnership with GreenCars, and thrilled that the success of this series and video content strategy has led to their investment in another series to come. Stay tuned!

Now we’ve got this living, breathing kind of playbook of all these videos of what our brand looks like in motion. That’s fantastic!

– Laurance Yap, Senior Manager & Contributor