Demo videos that capture a brand and drive traffic

It’s not often that we are a client of our own client...

That’s the unique spot we landed in when Ruby came knocking on our door with a creative challenge that highlights something that we do best –  bringing a nuanced business story to life in a creative and engaging way. This client needed a series of demo videos that would explain their services, capture their brand, and help drive traffic to their website.

Ruby needed a cost-effective way to produce a series of videos that covered a broad range of solutions demos.

A Venn diagram showing the overlap between quality, cost, and speed. Our video production service is a star right in the middle!

The Ruby brand is something special and [Funnelbox] gets it. And so everything that comes back from [them] shines in the Ruby brand, which is really important to us.

—Emily Sandison, Senior Director, Ruby


With headquarters located here in Portland, Oregon, Ruby is the #1 virtual receptionist and live chat solution for small businesses across the U.S. More than 15,000 small businesses trust the virtual receptionists at Ruby to create meaningful connections over the phone and through live chat, 24/7.

Ruby logo

The goal

Ruby came to us for a series of demo videos that would explain their virtual receptionist services. We aimed to give prospective new clients a peek into how Ruby’s people and technology work together seamlessly, creating a top-of-the-line experience for their customers while capturing new business. We wanted to help Ruby up the time visitors spent on their site and increase their conversion rates.

Communicate nuanced, intangible value & services

Without real client interactions (for privacy reasons)

Visualize the Ruby culture, vision and mission


  • Ruby wanted help communicating their value and services to customers, and for client confidentiality reasons, we couldn’t use real-life stories or examples to convey that message. We relied on the creativity of scripted scenarios – many of which had a humorous twist!
  • Infuse the Ruby culture, vision and mission into each demo video. Ruby is all about creating meaningful connections with its customers. They love shining a spotlight on the unique personalities that bring the Ruby vision to life. So we needed to figure out how to translate the power of natural, organic conversations into scripted videos.

The approach

With every project, we like to take a collaborative approach. Why? Because we’ve found that early collaboration is the key to understanding your brand’s authentic voice and story.

This was a really cross-collaborative project for us. [Funnelbox] helped us do that in a way that felt very one foot in front of the other.

—Emily Sandison, Senior Director, Ruby

In this partnership, Ruby took the first step by creating an initial draft of each script. Then we consulted on length, dialogue, content, and how best to bring each script to life visually. A concise story and clear visual approach was needed to visualize the interaction between Ruby, its customers, and its operating system.

The series covered a wide range of different services offered by Ruby.

Each demo video would tell a fictionalized version of the kinds of interactions Ruby manages day to day. And because Ruby prides itself on being “people-powered,” we used real Ruby staff members as the voiceover talent in each video. Clients looking to understand what Ruby does, and how they do it, would hear the voices of the people they’d actually be working with.

We were able to use the real voices of Ruby employees for the fictionalized interactions.

We sourced a unique music track to capture the vibrancy of the Ruby brand. A mix of electronic and pop helped communicate their playful, vibrant culture with a nod to the technology-driven aspects of their service offerings.

Our workflow

  • Direct their team to record audio.
  • Develop a visual style with Ruby’s brand guide.
  • Present music that captures the Ruby brand
  • Sound design
  • The client reviews each video and delivers feedback
Sound wave animations for characters talking on the phone
Ensuring the Ruby brand personality and services shined
High def screen capture of Ruby software with details enlarged
Engaging narrator guides us through each scenario

We had a really good outline going into this piece but [Funnelbox] helped challenge our thinking and just bring a more complex story to life.

—Emily Sandison, Senior Director, Ruby

The results

Not only did we achieve our goals with this project, but our collaboration led to game-changing results for Ruby. The online demo page where these videos live is now consistently one of the top ten pages visited across Ruby has seen an increase in website visitors converting to leads, AND the new demo page is now directly responsible for a whopping 5-10% of their monthly revenue, and growing–an amazing result that demonstrates the awesome power of video.

Ruby has also seen a big impact on their YouTube channel. These videos are now some of their top engaged YouTube Ads, and contribute to significant impressions shared every month on that channel. 400,000 combined views and counting!

This collaboration with Ruby was beyond fruitful – a great example of how creative work can be a lot of fun and, when done right, yield compelling results.

Number 10 graphic

Top 10 most visited page on

5-10 percent

Responsible for 5-10% monthly revenue, and growing!

Top engaged YouTube ad