Every video production is different. Every client is different. We appreciate and embrace that.

You have a project need, a budget and a timeline…our in house team is here to help figure out the absolute best approach to meeting your needs. We’ll never force you into our process. Instead, we’ll apply our process in a way that includes you and takes into consideration how much you want to be involved, how much budget you have to spend and how quickly it needs to be accomplished.

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A look at the video production process at Funnelbox


Like breakfast is the most important meal of the day, creative development is the most important part of the process. It’s where we take time to understand you, your brand, company and your unique project needs. This is where we all envision the project and set expectations of each other.

  • Consultation and initial meetings
  • Creative treatments to explore the options
  • Scripting to know the messages


Pre-production saves time, money and sets the the rest of the project up for success.

  • Storyboarding to to figure out the shots or graphics
  • Casting to find the right people for the roles
  • Location Scouting to find the right place to shoot
  • Crew & logistics to get the right support staff for the big day


The rubber meets the road here. All of the planning and exploring goes into action here.

  • Field production to capture the video we’ve been envisioning
  • Animation to bring those storyboard graphics to life


This is where it all comes together. We bring all of the assets of the project into one timeline and begin to sculpt the final piece.

  • Editing to compile everything in one spot
  • Voice over recording to get just the right voice
  • Motion graphics to add another layer of depth
  • Special effects to add that extra pizazz to the piece
  • Compositing when you need to remove or add something to the video
  • Audio sweetening to make the audio experience as complex as the visual
  • Color correction to match it altogether and make it look nice
  • Final authoring & versioning for all your different placements

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