A member focused video campaign to reflect a deeply rooted credit union

We helped Robins Financial Credit Union align the creative direction of their broadcast campaign with their member focused mission.

After years of scripting and casting actors in their broadcast spots, Funnelbox helped the team at Robins Financial make a creative pivot — a video campaign featuring real members, with real stories. The result was a much more connected and authentic set of broadcast spots that resonated deeply with the Robins Financial community.

Funnelbox has such a unique way with their creativity and innovation that makes stories come to life and capture the viewer’s attention.

-Christol Clymer, Marketing Manager


Robins Financial Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative serving lower and middle Georgia. They are member focused, community proud, and their vision is to enhance the financial well-being of their members and community.

Robins Financial Credit Union logo

The need

Our long time partners at Robins Financial Credit Union asked us to create another series of broadcast spots to continue increasing brand awareness and affinity in lower and middle Georgia. While the established broadcast creative had worked well for Robins up until that point, we recognized there was an opportunity to shift the approach and better align the new series of videos with their member focused mission. 

The solution

While scripted content and paid actors can be incredibly effective in a video campaign, they cannot substitute the real stories of real people when that is what creative calls for. And because Robins Financial is so deeply proud of their members and community, it felt only natural to shift the creative for their broadcast spots towards a more docu-style, authentic storytelling approach, to represent and honor the real stories of Robins Financial’s members. By elevating the stories of the people they serve, Robins Financial is living their values through this broadcast campaign.


From early on in the process, there was a vision and desire to use real Robins Financial members, and real stories, in this campaign. And while that may sound more simple than writing a script, recruiting, vetting and coordinating with real people always poses more challenges than hiring actors! A docu-style, interview approach also requires extra rapport building and coaching on set to help make non-actors feel comfortable on camera. And because we were producing a whole series of videos, we needed to schedule multiple subjects per day in order to maximize efficiency.

Increase brand awareness and affinity

Update content library

Demonstrate care for the members they serve


  • We kicked off the project with a listening session to understand Robins Financial’s goals and expectations with this new campaign.
  • Rooting ourselves in Robins Financial’s mission, we proposed a conceptual shift from scripted spots with actors to docu-style stories from real Robins Financial members.
  • We facilitated an open call for members to submit self-shot auditions, and managed an engagement campaign on social to elicit maximum participation from their membership.
  • We pre-interviewed interested Robins Financial members to find the most compelling and engaging stories.
  • We coordinated, scheduled, and planned all the logistics for a 5 day shoot in Warner Robins, Georgia, including hiring local supporting crew.
  • Post production, we transcribed the footage and wrote scripts for each piece so that Robins Financial could sign off on the storylines.
  • We then edited each video, and proceeded to the review and feedback cycle.
  • Once the videos are approved, the final step is color correction and sound sweetening.
Sourcing member candidates for the videos

The results

This member centered storytelling style has captured the hearts and minds of Robins Financial members, as well as their internal staff. This approach can be an incredibly effective way to tell the story of an organization through the lens of the consumer, rather than an organization just talking about themselves. It’s a style we’re very familiar with given our background in documentary work, and we’re proud to have helped Robins Financial successfully establish an impactful new approach to their video marketing content and strategy.