Case Study: Robins Financial's Brand Anthem


Providing creative solutions for long time partner Robins Financial Credit Union during a global pandemic.

Robins Financial Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative serving lower and middle Georgia. They are member focused, community proud, and their vision is to enhance the financial well-being of their members and community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Robins Financial needed a creative solution for their video marketing content that didn’t require in person shooting, and maintained brand fidelity and voice. Not only did we help them rise to the challenge, the result was a Brand Anthem that won Robins Financial a Diamond Award.



COVID-19 stopped many people in their tracks, and yet the need for video marketing content during that period seemed greater than ever. Like so many other organizations, Robins Financial was left wondering how to meet their content needs, without bringing people together in person. The team here at Funnelbox was asked to come up with a creative solution that would maintain brand fidelity and voice, without requiring any newly shot footage.


Given our long term partnership and deep library of existing content, we proposed a creative concept that would leverage past projects, combining footage from previous campaigns with a new narrative and a smattering of archival content. This approach would honor the look and feel of previous campaigns, while also telling a whole new, deeply compelling story about Robins Financial and their connection to the community. We would call it a Brand Anthem.


Well, the pandemic of course. At that time, in person shooting was extremely difficult, and yet we knew we needed to achieve the same creative style and quality as past campaigns. So repurposing existing footage seemed like a good solution, but we needed to do it in a way that didn’t feel totally recycled and stale. Something not new, but still fresh. Another challenge with this concept was culling archival footage — there was a least one VHS tape we had to digitize!

  • We brainstormed internally and then pitched our brand anthem concept to Robins Financial.
  • With help from the Robins Financial team, we dug through archives and found historical footage of the credit union as well as members.
  • We interwove the old with the new to create a fresh, and nostalgic, look and feel. 
  • We casted voice over talent that would capture the feeling of the story we wanted to tell.
  • We scripted both full length and broadcast versions, to make sure both versions captured the overall story and key messages of Robins Financial.
  • We adjusted the color of all the different footage to make sure it blended seamlessly together, and sweetened the sound of the VO and music tracks in order to have maximum impact. 



While our approach started out as a creative workaround to the pandemic, the result was a video that celebrates the roots and values of Robins Financial. It was an incredibly successful, joyful campaign for the Robins Financial team. The video went on to win a 2022 Diamond Awards for non-broadcast video marketing. Our approach to the Brand Anthem for Robins Financial is a great example of how our long term partnerships can build libraries of content that are re-purposable over time. It also demonstrates our ability to be both creative AND resourceful, making high quality content even when there are external challenges (like a global pandemic).


Video has become a key part of our communications strategy. The Funnelbox team has truly captured the heart of Robins Financial CU.”

-Christol Clymer, Marketing Manager