Begin With The End In Mind - Video Strategy


Begin With The End In Mind – Video Strategy

Transcript: Video Strategy

Abraham Lincoln once said if he had 6 hrs to chop down a tree, he’d spend the first 4 sharpening his axe. Runner! (like a surgeon calls for an instrument). With video projects, it’s especially critical to begin by thinking through the end goal… Who is the intended audience and what makes them tick… How should the video influence their actions and emotions. What do we know will resonate, and what will likely be a turn off. Way too sweet. Now, can you just dive in and start hacking away with a dull axe?  Sure.  And frankly, that’s what plenty of amateurs do when it comes to video. Preproduction is a lot more complicated than just having the perfect angle on a sharpening stone. Perfecting a video process takes time, energy, and the occasional flop. It takes the right mix of data to inform the approach, the right team of creatives to breath life into the story, the right budget allocation dialed in so each department is prepared to execute with precision. And…well, a lot more than we’ve got time to cover here. The bottom line is this: thoughtful, relentless, and detailed preparation should be the foundation any good video work is built on. give me 6 hours, and at least five will be spent making a killer plan before the seals are broken on any cans of production whoopass. Thank you… Who am I kidding?  I feel guilty using paper towels. Analogy fail. I do really love the hat though