For video that intends to capture imaginations, enhancing the narrative through motion graphics is essential. It elevates, it stuns…it’s just cool.

Product videos, software videos, brand stories and promo videos are all prime candidates for taking your footage next level with motion design.



Eye Catching Motion Graphics Win Views

Capturing standard footage or images is about portraying the practical world. Animated content is about interpreting it, and creating a new world altogether. Utilizing motion graphics is the most versatile video approach of all, in that it blends those two spaces in infinite ways. It can be as simple as applying a pre-designed graphics package to a group of photos or simply animating your logo, and elaborate as overlaying dozens of intricate illustrated representations of energy or light, to transform your practical footage entirely.


Beautiful motion graphics can be an amazing tool for bringing your brand into a practical story. Design elements from your brand likely already exist from your website, marketing, or other brand content. Taking those elements and envisioning how they can interact with and enhance live action footage can bring your branding into stories in incredibly subtle ways, or completely overt and vibrant ways as well, depending on the messaging needs. And when combined with thoughtful sound design, motion graphics can truly elevate your content and impart a sense expertise and legitimacy that can’t help but translate to your entire brand and offerings.


Not unlike fully animated content, creating a visual language with your brand through motion graphics can provide a remarkable value for your overall communications. Figuring out how elements of your brand might move, and what that movement communicates to audiences, often translates to a better understanding of how to utilize your brand content in general, and will be actionable given the developed motion design elements that can be used in everything from presentations to digital ads, and even carried into app and website design.


One of the greatest things about motion graphics projects is they can often be created entirely from existing content, which is particularly helpful during times when assembling people for video shoots is more difficult than normal (hello coronavirus–you can die off already). At our Portland-based studio, we have produced dozens of motion graphics projects entirely remotely, without ever having to have our clients and artists congregate. With strong creative direction, and relentless communications through non face to face means, our motion graphics projects come together as if the entire team were locked in a room together from script-writing to final delivery.

What’s the video you have been envisioning?